The Four Seasons of Business Growth – 1 of 5


Hi, I’m Joshua MacLeod. Founder of the Growability model. Did you know that there are 12 fundamentals necessary for cultivating health and accelerating growth at your business? Today we’re going to talk about the first fundamental, understanding your business season.

When my wife Sarah and I bought our first house, everything was perfect. Except this one little spot in the front yard where there was no grass growing. Apparently the builders have dumped some debris and things in the front yard when they built the house and so, the grass hadn’t grown. I researched the internet, I looked at what kind of grass seed to get in our area, I looked at how to aerate the lawn, I got the grass seed, I got the fertilizer, I aerated and then I began to water the lawn. After two to three weeks, nothing happened. Four weeks, nothing happened. And I was so frustrated because I had done all of the right things and still, the grass wasn’t growing. What I learned is that if you plant grass in late summer when it’s really hot in Tennessee, there’s no chance that you’re gonna get your grass to grow.

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